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Glamour Night
Meet The Designers!

SPECIAL ONE OFF EVENT: Come and “Meet the Designers” at the ARGYRO GAVALAS SHOWROOM special Champagne Night! Our designers will be on hand to dress you and the Amazing Raymond (  will be here to apply your complimentary Glamour Tattoo while you sip on a glass of bubbles! Everyone is welcome, bring your friends. Come and get glammed up and enjoy a drink before going out for the evening! 



Our Designers that will be on hand are:


ARGYRO GAVALAS who dresses and designs for real women. Styling is inspired by beautiful fabrics and an understanding of what women want to wear. Stylish comfortable pieces that can be worn at any time of the year and fit most shapes and sizes. The range is designed and manufactured in her workshop in Melbourne and features pieces suitable for day, evening and special occasions.


NICO who designs and manufactures the exquisite ESHI ( range of stretch silk loungewear and day wear. Beautiful Clothes to celebrate your femininity made for the confident, sassy yet elegant 'eshi woman'.

ANNA the creator of SAGOME the label that embodies the rubenesque woman in Japanese Styled Designs sizes 14-22

Friday 28th May 2010 5pm-8pm at the ARGYRO GAVALAS SHOWROOM 284 Wellington Street Collingwood 94175975

See you there!

Argyro, Nico, Anna and the Amazing Raymond!