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Argyro Gavalas womens fashion
Argyro started designing in 1999 after taking over the family's established manufacturing business.
The range features pieces suitable for day, evening and special occasions and some classic basics such as camisoles and slips . While Argyro adds to the range all the time, she does not develop styles for specific seasons preferring to design clothing that is versatile and comfortable and can be worn all year round.
Argyro says she is a very instinctive designer and produces pieces she loves and is inspired to create. Her inspiration comes from a variety of sources but is driven predominantly by the fabric. "I buy fabric in Australia, Europe and Asia, bring it back to the studio and play around with it for a while until I'm struck by an idea or application. I prefer not to design for specific seasons, markets or demographics. I'm lucky that I love designing and I don't feel pressured to churn out designs for the mainstream fashion industry" she said.
Argyro's clients, who are mainly 35+, are very loyal and tend to come back for more once they've discovered the label. Argyro's range is designed and manufactured in her workshops in Melbourne and Gippsland and features a wide variety of Australian,  European and New Zealand fabrics.