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Introducing Venus

I walked into the mannequin showroom armed with a handful of clothes and was ushered upstairs to where the more expensive and exclusive mannequins were housed. I was after a realistic mannequin that would fit my size 10 without me needing to pin and tuck the garments so they donít fall off.  I have long been frustrated by these mannequins that are sold as size 12 and yet donít fill even a size 8 properly. After all who decided that women look like that anyway? My women who wear ARGYRO GAVALAS donít look like that. My women have curves and are proud of them whether they are a size 10 or 18.

So there I was in a room full of ghostly white bodies and I spotted her. She stood out because she looked real. The salesman told me she was a European Large; to me she looked perfect. I put a dress on her and a dress on a standard fitting mannequin and there was no comparison; she looked beautiful and real. I decided that I would buy her.

So here she is Venus, the ďEuropean LargeĒ that actually measures very close to my size 10. She is absolutely beautiful, a Goddess, which is the feeling I aim to inspire in the women that wear ARGYRO GAVALAS.